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Across 10 specific villages—Basti Murral, Basti Baloch Wali, Basti Drangerr, Basti Kawaan wali, Basti M. Ali Shah Bait Bogha Janobi 1, Bait Bogha Janobi, Basti Bhatti Wala, Basti Javed, and Basti Paroha—200 shallow hand pumps were installed. These villages were selected based on thorough profiling to assess the area's vulnerability. The entire process, spanning from layout design to plaque installation, was executed through mutual agreement between VDC members and household leaders. The installation process encompassed hand pump boring, machine fitting, construction of the plinth and plaque, and finally, the placement of donor plaques and vinyl stickers. A previous contract with a company for hand pump installation was revisited to undertake the installation of these 200 hand pumps following beneficiary identification.



Bhakkar UC Biat Bogha and UC Yousif Shah


Project Discreption

  • Starting Date

    10 Oct 2023
  • Duration

    2 Month
  • total Cost of Project

  • Project Category

    Completed Projects

Donor of Project

  • Name

    Penny Appeal
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