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Title:  Provision of Dry Food & Non-Food Items in flood affected communities (Food Security)

Project Duration: 27-Aug-2022 to 7-Oct-2022

Location:  District D.G.Khan , Tehsil Taunsa, UC Bindi , Village: Bodo Mana

Donor:  Philanthropist                              No. of beneficiaries: 1285

Sukh Development foundation team first identified the area. After that he inspected the area himself. Collect information from people. According to the details, UC Bindi Mouza, Bodu, Manan area of Tehsil Taunsa and its surrounding areas suffered the most destruction. Here, the protective dam built by the government broke, due to which the water coming from the mountain has still made its way through the areas. About 1,500 households, 4,500 acres of agricultural land were affected and standing crops were severely damaged. Since this is the eastern side of Taunsa, no one had reached here to help the victims. The team of Sukh Development Foundation along with local influential people registered the most deserving families in which priority was given to widows, disabled and elderly people. Food & Non Food Item were distributed among 1285 families. Procedure was as follows the team of Sukh Development Foundation went door to door to register the victims and issued tokens to them. After that, all the beneficiaries were gathered at one place and relief materials were distributed respectively.


Location: District D.G.Khan , Tehsil Taunsa, UC Bindi , Village: Bodo Mana

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    25 Aug 2022
  • Duration

    27-Aug-2022 to 7-Oct-2022
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    Completed Projects

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