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Title: Green Layyah- Tree Plantation (Environment)

Project Duration: 16 -Oct-2018 to 31-Dec-2018

Location:  District Layyah: Area: Karor Lal Esan

Donor:  Self-Help bases

 No. of trees: 1000

Trees are being stripped from the earth at an alarming rate, but they can be replaced with a concerted effort on the part of people to plant more trees.

​Trees contribute to clean air, provide shade to cool the temperature and add beauty to the neighborhood. In some cities, the trees that were planted more than 100 years ago have lived their full life cycle and need to be replaced. Some are also lost to drought or storm damage. ​​Whether it is a religious group, senior class or other group of people who were planted the trees with support of SDF, there may be a few things they need to consider first. Once the area for planting is selected, the group was find out who owns the property and gets their permission to planted the trees. SDF provided 1000 Plant with collaboration of Social Welfare Department in district Layyah. 


Location: District Layyah: Area: Karor Lal Esan

Project Discreption

  • Starting Date

    18 Oct 2022
  • Duration

    16 -Oct-2018 to 31-Dec-2018
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    Completed Projects

Donor of Project

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    Sukh Development Foundation Self-Help bases
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