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Flood Emergency Response 2022

Title:  Provision of Cooked Food & Clean Water (Food Security)

Project Duration: 15-Aug-2022 to 20-Aug-2022

Location:  District D.G.Khan , Tehsil Taunsa, Village : Fiaz abad, basti chittani, Bodo Mana, Mangrotha.

Donor:  Benefit Mankind UK Based                              No. of beneficiaries: 500

The flood of 2022 caused havoc in the whole of Pakistan. Tehsil Taunsa of Dera Ghazi Khan district was badly affected there. Distributions of cooked meals are largely used in humanitarian contexts, in response to immediate food security needs and where uncooked food distributions would not be appropriate. They can also be implemented for populations in transit, as well as during periods of transition between different food security interventions or for a set time, until the food security of the affected population has been re-established. As an immediate life-saving food security activity, especially following an emergency (natural disaster, displacement) Flood 2022. To support vulnerable groups that cannot be reached through other interventions. When there may be a time gap between the immediate food assistance needs of the population and a future planned integration into formal assistance channels. To mitigate protection issues in an unstable environment where people cannot utilize or store food for extended periods or access utilities or adequate cooking fuel to prepare it safely. SDF distributed cooked food and clean water in different area of flood affected communities.


Location: District D.G.Khan , Tehsil Taunsa, Village : Fiaz abad, basti chittani, Bodo Mana, Mangrotha

Project Discreption

  • Starting Date

    15 Aug 2022
  • Duration

    15-Aug-2022 to 20-Aug-2022
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    Completed Projects

Donor of Project

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    Sukh Development Foundation Self-Help bases
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